Xigbar (hyperform) wrote,

I bought a new flower, Paphiopedilum 'Magic Leopard' x Paphiopedilum callosum. Then I want to know the genealogy.

Paphiopedilum 'Magic Leopard' (Paph. 'Ruby Leopard' x Paph. 'Voodoo Magic')
Paph. 'Ruby Leopard' (Paph. Milmoore x Paph. 'Jenna Marie')
Paph. 'Milmoore' (Paph. 'Mildred Hunter' x Paph. 'Farnmoore')
Paph. 'Mildred Hunter' (Paph. 'Atlantis' x Paph. 'Everest')
Paph. 'Atlantis' (Paph. 'Cardinal Mercier' x Paph. 'Chloris')
Paph. 'Cardinal Mercier' (Paph. Lathamianum x Paph. ???)
Paph. Lathamianum (Paph. spicerianum x Paph. villosum)
Paph. 'Chloris' (Paph. 'Lord Wolmer' x Paph. 'Mrs. Hilary Jenkinson')
Paph. 'Lord Wolmer' (Paph. Hera x Paph. Leeanum)
Paph. Hera (Paph. boxallii x Paph. Leeanum)
Paph. 'Mrs. Hilary Jenkinson' (Paph. ??? x Paph. ???)
Paph. 'Everest' (Paph. 'Gertrude West' Paph. 'Robert Paterson')
Paph. 'Gertrude West' ('Lady Phulmoni' x Paph. 'Robert Paterson')
Paph. 'Robert Paterson' (Paph. 'Eurybiades' x Paph. 'Memoria F. M. Ogilvie')
Paph. 'Eurybiades' (Paph. 'Alcibiades' x Paph. Hera)
Paph. 'Alcibiades' (Paph. Leeanum x Paph. 'Monsieur de Curte')
Paph. 'Monsieur de Curte' (Paph. boxallii x Paph. insigne)
Paph. 'Lady Phulmoni' (Paph. 'Carola' x Paph. 'Lady Dillon')
Paph. 'Carola' (Paph. Hera x Paph. Thompsonii)
Paph. Thompsonii (Paph. 'Calypso' x Paph. villosum)
Paph. 'Calypso' (Paph. boxallii x Paph. spicerianum)
Paph. 'Memoria F. M. Ogilvie' (Paph. Curtmanii x Paph. Pyramus)
Paph. Curtmanii (Paph. Beeckmanii x Paph. 'Monsieur de Curte)
Paph. Beeckmanii (Paph. bellatulum x Paph. boxallii)
Paph. Pyramus (Paph. Hera x Paph. 'Mrs. William Mostyn')
Paph. 'Mrs. William Mostyn' (Paph. boxallii x Paph. ???)
Paph. 'Lady Dillon' (Paph. 'Mrs. William Mostyn' x Paph. Nitens)
Paph. Nitens (Paph. insigne x Paph. villosum)
Paph. 'Farnmoore' (Paph. 'Chardmoore' x Paph. 'Farnley')
Paph. 'Chardmoore' (Paph. 'Christopher' x Paph. 'Lena')
Paph. 'Christopher' (Paph. Actaeus x Paph. Leeanum)
Paph. Actaeus (Paph. insigne x Paph. Leeanum)
Paph. Leeanum (Paph. insigne x Paph. spicerianum)
Paph. 'Farnley' (Paph. Gowerianum x Paph. Harri-Leeanum)
Paph. Gowerianum (Paph. curtisii x Paph. lawrenceanum)
Paph. Harri-Leeanum (Paph. Harrisianum x Paph. Leeanum)
Paph. Harrisianum (Paph. barbatum x Paph. villosum)
Paph. 'Jenna Marie' (Paph. 'Bright Raven' x Paph. 'Keyeshill')
Paph. 'Bright Raven' (Paph. 'Brighteyes' x Paph. 'Ravenswing')
Paph. 'Brighteyes' (Paph. 'Earl of Tankerville' x Paph. 'Sultan')
Paph. 'Earl of Tankerville' (Paph. exul x Paph. Nitens)
Paph. 'Sultan' (Paph. 'Milo' x Paph. 'Monsieur de Curte')
Paph. 'Milo' (Paph. insigne x Paph. Oenanthum)
Paph. Oenanthum (Paph. Harrisianum x Paph. insigne)
Paph. 'Ravenswing' (Paph. 'Ethel H. du Pont' x Paph. 'Floralies')
Paph. 'Ethel H. du Pont' (Paph. 'Mrs. Eley' x Paph. 'Robert Paterson')
Paph. 'Mrs. Eley' (Paph. 'Christopher' x Paph. 'Warrior')
Paph. 'Warrior' (Paph. 'Alcibiades' x Paph. 'Lord Wolmer')
Paph. 'Floralies' (Paph. 'Atlantis' x Paph. 'Meigle')
Paph. 'Meigle' (Paph. 'Perseus' x Paph. 'Robert Paterson')
Paph. 'Perseus' (Paph. 'Alcibiades' x Paph. 'Lady Dillon')
Paph. 'Keyeshill' (Paph. 'Carl Keyes' x Paph. 'Winston Churchill')
Paph. 'Carl Keyes' (Paph. 'W. N. Evans' x Paph. 'Firebrand')
Paph. 'W. N. Evans' (Paph. 'Floralies' x Paph. 'Kay-Kay')
Paph. 'Kay-Kay' (Paph. 'Atlantis' x Paph. 'Mrs. William Pickup')
Paph. 'Mrs. William Pickup' (Paph. 'Alcibiades' x Paph. 'Thisbe')
Paph. 'Thisbe' (Paph. Cymatodes x Paph. fairrieanum)
Paph. 'Cymatodes' (Paph. curtisii x Paph. superbiens)
Paph. 'Firebrand' (Paph. 'Balaclava' x Paph. 'Cardinal Mercier')
Paph. 'Balaclava' (Paph. 'Gwen Hannen' x Paph. 'Warrior')
Paph. 'Gwen Hannen (Paph. 'Christopher' x Paph. 'Florence Spencer')
Paph. 'Florence Spencer' (Paph. Actaeus x Paph. 'Memoria Jerninghamiae')
Paph. 'Memoria Jerninghamiae' (Paph. spicerianum x Paph. Winnianum)
Paph. Winnianum (Paph. druryi x Paph. villosum)
Paph. 'Voodoo Magic' (Paph. Goultenianum x Paph. 'Vintner's Treasure')
Paph. Goultenianum (Paph. callosum x Paph. curtisii)
Paph. 'Vintner's Treasure' (Paph. 'Kowloon' x Paph. callosum)
Paph. 'Kowloon' (Paph. 'New Era' x Paph. purpuratum)
Paph. 'New Era' (Paph. barbatum x Paph. sukhakulii)

Yes, I researched that all. But now I can be satisfied that I know all of the species that the hybrid consists of largely callosum, insigne, villosum, boxallii, and spicerianum. Does this contribute to anything for any reason? No. Thanks for listening.
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